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Prentice Art Communications founder Bettina Prentice shares her list of the top exhibitions to hit this season.

Name Aesthetics | Greek Gods & Goddesses

Hades, Apollo, Hera, and Aphrodite are the top four on power. They're close but they all keep some pretty dark secrets from each other. They're more darker versions of the gods.

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Green Witch

echidna aesthetic “in Greek mythology, Echidna (/ɪˈkɪdnə/; Greek: Ἔχιδνα, “She-Viper”) was a monster, half-woman and half-snake, who lived alone in a cave. She was the mate of the fearsome monster.

Marina Abramović Saves the World

Marina Abramović Saves the World

Marina Abramović Saves the World: For her next trick, the performance artist Marina Abramović wants to do nothing less than change the world.

Argus | Hundred-eyed monster of Greek mythology, Argus was guardian to Hera, queen of the gods. Hera dispatched Argus to stand watch over the nymph, Io, a rival for Zeus's attentions. After Hermes beheaded Argus at Zeus's bidding, Hera adorned the peacock's tail with her slain sentinel's eyes

Argus, the hundred-eyed monster of Greek mythology. (Inspiration for "The Monster from the Edge of the World.

Charles Wilkin, Untitled (stain #17)

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Natalie Abrams Abstract Artist

Natalie Abrams Abstract Artist

Typhon - (a.k.a. Typhaon, Typhoeus, Typhus) Greek god of monsters, storms, and volcanoes.

TYPHON/Typhoeus - by Echidna became the father of the dog Orthus, Cerberus, the Lernaean Hydra and Chimaera


Desire Obtain Cherish at Unix Gallery

Fashion Times: DOT’s new exhibition ‘‘We Are Known By The Company.

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How A Doctor's Chance Appointment With A Hairy Woman Led To The Discovery of Rogaine Nuremberg Chronicles Hirsute Hairy Lady

Brian Froud - Faerie

enchantingimagery: “A knight returning home stops in a wood to dance with the Elfin Maid. When at last he arrives at the castle he finds it shut, silent and crumbling. He stops an old man who tells.

Saatchi Art Artist Marjorie Guyon; Collage, “Letters I Have Not Sent #3” #art

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