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A scientist's life - condensed

No need to explain what I am writing on the blackboard. But in case you are interested in what I am writing, visit the professi.


So, there's this online game called roblox, where the games are all made by players, and someone made this dinosaur RPG. My favorite Dino to be is this thing because it's an herbivore (easiest way to play) and it can fly really fast.

Peppermint Science: Scientific Method for the Holidays!

Peppermint Science: Scientific Method for the Holidays

Winter is the perfect time to have some fun with peppermints! These ideas would work great for the holidays, or anytime you need a new candy scie.

kitchen chalk board-- I will be using this whole set up one day in my restaurant. Behind the waiters station/soda bar.

This is simple and very cool -- 4 boards painted with blackboard paint (butcher drawing by an artistic friend), quite a few magnetic knife strips, lots of black handled knives. black and cream curtain and old fashioned looking counters.

Adam David Brown "Eclipse" blackboard with layering of the scientific notations of Newton, Einstein, and Hawking.

Eclipse by Adam David Brown. He layered the scientific notation of Newton, Einstein and Hawking on a blackboard in order to make a black hole.

We start out in the world with scientific eyes. We experiment with things, we we test out boundary. We learn through cause and effect. Scientific method is just child's play, but with a whole lot of data logging. We find what best fits what we observe about the world and we pass that data on to future generations to hone and fine tune. Eventually what is agreed on is fact. You can have your own opinion, but nobody can make up their own facts.

Banksy / the creative adult is the child who survived. I like this because every one has a inner child Andy calderon

Anonymous ART of Revolution: Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored

Aldous Huxley quote: "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.or when they are denied

First Grade Fairytales: Ten Pin Linky : Classroom Decor & Pinterest = Perfect Combination!

Easy way to make a display area on an empty wall: only uses poster board and duct tape! I'm thinking chalkboard paint would be awesome for this above my whiteboard!