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Jon Hamm, por Vincent Peters there r no words for this guy

Jon Hamm

I Jon Hamm. Even though Don Draper can be a bastard, Jon Hamm still manages to make him loveable.

Nora #4 What developments suggest Nora is in trouble?                                      A development that suggest that Nora is trouble is that Frogstad threatened her and now she has to decide what to do.

John Hamm is soooo dreamy and a really nice and funny person. The perfect man!

Jon Hamm The Flat Cap - It may be as old as your Grandad's Dad but it's still a hot item and as you can see is regularly worn by the style conscious rich and famous. Get yours from

Who Was in the Front Row

Actor Jon Hamm attends the Rag & Bone Fall 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at 82 Mercer on February 2011 in New York City.

Jon Hamm  "Acting is sort of an extension of childhood. You get to play all of these roles and have so much fun. Playing an athlete would be so cool. Or where you get to shoot guns, ride horses. I wouldn't turn down any of that."

Jon Hamm as Bruce Wayne. Definitely my FIRST pick for Brucey

jon hamm

Jon Hamm aka Don draper aka Dick Whitman. Yet another actor who is as stylish as they come. Whether it be as Mr Draper or as himself he is possibly the most iconic man on the century.