Flower Power (1967) - Bernie Boston

Bernie Boston, 74; Took Iconic 1967 Photograph

FLOWER POWER - George Harris sticks carnations in gun barrels during an anti-war demonstration at the Pentagon in Photo by Bernie Boston.

Photo by Robert Doisneau

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17. Five-year-old gypsy boy on New Year’s Eve 2006 in the gypsy community of St. Jacques, Perpignan, Southern France. It is quite common in ...

30 Of The Most Powerful Images Ever

Five-year-old gypsy boy on New Year’s Eve 2006 in the gypsy community of St. It is quite common in St. Jacques for little boys to smoke Image credits: Jesco Denzel

Schindler's List (multiple choice quiz and questions) (Free)  Image from: Stroop_Report_-_Warsaw_Ghetto_Uprising_06b.jpg 2,766×1,964 pixels

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - Photo from Jürgen Stroop Report to Heinrich Himmler from May The original German caption reads: "Forcibly pulled out of dug-outs". One of the most famous pictures of World War II. People identified in the picture:

Young Woman Kissing a Soldier Good-Bye

Way to go best bud helping out your friend's short sweet heart! Picture shows a woman (Martha O'Driscoll) Kissing a soldier good-bye before leaving for WWII. She is being held up by another soldier and kissing a boy through the back of a truck.

Jan Rose Kasmir de 17 años le regala una flor a un soldado durante una manifestación anti guerra en el Pentagono, 1967.

Fotos que no Puedes Mirar y Ser Indiferente

“La Jeune Fille a la Fleur,” a photograph by Marc Riboud, shows the young pacifist Jane Rose Kasmir planting a flower on the bayonets of guards at the Pentagon during a protest against the Vietnam War. The symbol of the Flower Power movement.

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"Bombing For Peace Is Like Fucking For Virginity." This was on a sign in the during during a Vietnam War protest.

New York, New York 1939. Albert Einstein with his daughter on his lap at the opening of the Jewish Pavillion at the World's Fair in Flushing Meadows in Queens.

New York, New York 1939 Albert Einstein with his daughter on his lap at the opening of the Jewish Pavillion at the World's Fair in Flushing Meadows in Queens.

Una inmortalizada imagen de Martin Luther King

17 fotos que marcaron un momento histórico en la humanidad.

Martin Luther King Jr removing a burned cross from his front yard with his son at his side. Atlanta Ga 1960 (In memory of Martin Luther King.

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August 1963 - The Civil Rights march on Washington, D. for Jobs and Freedom culminates with Dr. Martin Luther King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Over people participated in the march for equal rights.

Type of Source: Picture from Date of Origin: 1920's Women's suffrage became a large issue in the 1920's to 30's. Women had to fight for their rights to vote and even to be classified as 'persons' In 1916 Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta gave women the provincial vote, later in 1917 Ontario and BC followed. In May of 1918 all Canadian women were granted the right to vote, except Quebec.   Anderson, Doris. "Status of women." The Canadian Encyclopedia. 2/07/06.

Women were reviled, kicked, beaten, ostracized and battled so women could vote. Don't disrespect their sacrifice by not exercising your vote -- every time you have the chance. -- "An American suffragette proclaiming 'Women! Use your vote,' circa "

Pulitzer Prize Photography 1977: Stanley Forman, Boston Herald American - youth using the flag as a lance in street disorders

Pulitzer prize, Joseph Rakes attacks lawyer and activist Theodore Landsmark with the American flag, Stanley Forman, 1976

US Marines evacuate the wounded, Vietnam, 1966. The introduction of the helicopter in great numbers made medevac significantly more successful than in previous wars. Time from liftoff to arrival at a major facility was often less that 1 and 1/2 hours.

Image not published in original story in LIFE. American Marines aid wounded comrades during Operation Prairie near the DMZ during the Vietnam War, October (LIFE Magazine photographer Larry Burrows).

In this rare color photo we see two United States soldiers giving Vietnam the one finger salute as they are leaving to return home to the United States.

The Vietnam War is famous for being one of the most controversial conflicts that the United States was involved in.