The Beatles, their last concert before splitting up

But can still see the Apple building! The Beatles rooftop concert took place in January of 1969 on top of the Apple building in London. This would be the band's final live performance together.

The Beatles

The Beatles performing on the roof of the Apple building for 'Let It Be.' I loved this unique concert. The Beatles never played together again.

(その75)ビートルズの名を生み出した夭折の天才アーティスト、スチュアート・サトクリフについて(その4) - ★ビートルズを誰にでも分かりやすく解説するブログ★

The Beatles - Astrid Kirchherr original photograph, Oct taken on Kirchherr’s first Beatles photo shoot at the Hamburger Dom Fairground, mounted, framed & glazed, 7 x 9 ½ inchesProvenance

Beatles. All day every day.


All day every day. Rarely do you catch a glimpse of the Abbey Road album from different angles.

The Beatles Lennon (Violeta) McCartney (Azul Claro) Harrison (Rosa Mexicano) Starr (Amarillo Mostasa).

Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Richard  Starkey, and George Harrison

Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Richard Starkey, and George Harrison, 1967 ("All You Need is Love"?

1969 on The roof Of Appy Records..The Beatles

The Beatles perform a final concert on the roof of the Apple Building, Savile Row, London, 30 January 1969

Paul and Ringo during the Beatles legendary rooftop concert. - Worldwide Wyatt - Google+

The Fab Four gathered for what would be one final concert 47 years ago today.