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byun baekhyun and kim taehyung <3 sooooooooooo.... cute <3  ?

EXO - BaekHyun & BTS - V<< it should say like mother like son :p

V totally does look like he could be Baekhyun & Daehyun's child!! | BTS #Bangtan

V said his mother is Baekhyun and his father is Daehyun. He is the son.

Baekhyun caught in a scandal with Chanyeol!! He got to do some explaining to…

Baekhyun caught in a scandal with Chanyeol! He got to do some explaining to…(If Bambam is related to V in this tree, I'm now in love with the majority of the family, now including Chanyeol too.

Baby Alien <3 #Daehyun B.A.P #Baekhyun EXO #Taehyun BTS

Baby Alien

Baby Alien B.P EXO BTS I. suddenly ship this. I kind of need it to be a thing.

Daehyun and Baekhyun...why do I think if V when I see this!? 0_0 IDK where to put this under exo or bap so I put it under kstuff

the parents are supposed to wear couple things right

Baekhyun and V

this marker has been passed down the hyun family for generations