Plants and animals will take over, and things left behind when people move will be overgrown. We will see real “ghost towns” where no one lives and to where no one travels. These are obvious consequences....For the full story read A Journey into the Multiverse - Level 4 papers

The Last of Us by Maciej Kuciara. This game is going to be simply beautiful. Thanks for this image

Le Refuge by Pierre-Antoine Moelo

Illustrations by Pierre-Antoine Moelo

Pierre-Antoine Moelo aka Péah is a talented french concept artist based in Canada. After an experience of four years in the video game industry as concept artist, his goal is to explore and propose a wide range of possibility in creating universes.

Spare Parts Store by Catell-Ruz on DeviantArt

Charlene le scanff aka catell ruz hearthstone fanart spare parts house gvg…

The hidden city of Gondolin...

"Welcome To My World" by N-Deed. N-Deed is a British digital artist that creates amazing airbrushed paintings, through which he envisions magical worlds, dark and subtle characters and much more. You can view more of his work by clicking on the image and

Human RTS Building Set Low Poly - 3DOcean Item for Sale

Buy Human RTS Building Set Low Poly by BitGorilla on This package contains the complete low poly Fantasy Human RTS Building set with hand painted textures that are ready .

'Left hook' Tavern by Takeda11 on deviantART

Inspiration for tavern in Nishpat. 'Left hook' Tavern by Reminds me of the tavern inns in 'fable'.