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FNH USA's 'Five-SeveN® ODG- chambered in the 5.7x28mm.  "The FN Five-seveN® single-action autoloading pistol fires the low-recoil 5.7x28mm cartridge making it ideal for personal protection, target shooting or NRA Tactical Police Competition. It features a textured, ergonomic polymer frame with checkered panels for enhanced grip. The polymer slide cover helps reduce weight and the operating controls allow for easy access with a reversible magazine release and ambidextrous manual safety…

What a beautiful handgun. Unfortunately Massachusetts laws suck and you can not purchase one in MA. I did manage to purchase one of these from a seller who purchased before they became non compliant.

The Five-seveN pistol designed by FN company as a complimentary sidearm for the P90 submachine-gun. They share the same ammunition, 5.7x28mm SS190 cartridge. The SS190 ammunition looks like scaled down 5.56mm NATO round & boosts the 2.02 gram (31 grains) pointed steel & aluminum core bullet to the muzzle velocity of 650 meters per second from the pistol barrel. The idea is to provide good penetration against personnel protected by body armor, while keeping weapons' wt. & recoil reasonable.

Fabrique Nationale (FN) Five-seveN (Belgium) Type: Double Action Only or Single Action (in Tactical model) Chambering: Length: 208 mm Barrel length : mm Weight: ca. 620 g with empty magazine; 760 g loaded Magazine: 20 rounds

FN 5.7.....

FN Five-seveN Chambered in this handgun is primarily known for three things; it uses the same ammo as the FN has an impressive 30 round magazine, but most unfortunately was also the.

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The FN Five Seven handgun chambered in features 3 dot adjustable sights, capacity and ambi safety.

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Seriously, who dresses like that, other than to pose for a "cute country girl" photo? if I saw a Buckle girl holding a gun, I'd f*g run.

Guns welcome

Sign - Guns are welcome on premises - Please keep all weapons holstered unless need arises in such case, judicious marksmanship is appreciated.

Kimber Ultra Carry II with Night Sights and Crimson Trace Laser Grip, 45ACP with Fired Shell Casing

Impact Guns, Kimber, Kimber Ultra Carry II with Night Sights and Crimson Trace Laser Grip, with Fired Shell Casing

My SIG Sauer P229 9mm Scorpion, Uzi tactical pen and Benchmade Mini Barrage.  Awesome EDC setup.

SIG Sauer Scorpion, Uzi tactical pen and Benchmade Mini Barrage.

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This gun just screams for a suppressor. Tactical- One of my absolute favorite full size pistols.

These Men Design Video Game Guns for a Living

These Men Design Video Game Guns for a Living

rmory Studios occupy a fascinating little niche in the video game concept art business: they specialise in the design of firearms.

More SIG Prestige Pistol Photos: Samurai, Tomahawk, Siegfried, Tyr, Scorpion & Arctic - The Firearm Blog

SIG Sauer Germany Prestige pistols- sweet mother of God I need this gun!

FNH FNX-45 Tactical, Semi-automatic, .45  ACP, 66968, 845737000981, 5.3 inch Barrel

FN FNX Tactical Threaded Barrel - First Strike Indoor Shooting Range is located in Newbury, Ohio. We offer a wide variety of handguns, rifles and shotguns along with ammunition and gun parts and accessories.

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next gun i want.itll even match my current the Springfield Armory Operator MC 1911

Flag clip

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