Robe à la française ca. 1775-80From the Galleria del Costume di...

Robe à la française ca. 1775-80From the Galleria del Costume di... (Fripperies and Fobs)

Robe a la francaise ca. 1763 From McCord Museum |

Rare hand-painted floral silk wedding gown worn by Mary Chaloner when she married Colonel John Hale in Image courtesy of McCord Museum.

Robe a l’anglaise ca. 1770-90 From the Mode Museum via...

Dress (robe à l'anglaise) and matching petticoat (skirt) in chintz, India, ca. Shawl (fichu) in embroidered batiste, Jacoba de Jonge Collection in MoMu - Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp

"        Robe a l’anglaise ca. 1765        From the Costume Museum of Canada"

Open robe silk tafetta gown, circa Date: Circa 1765 Location: Costume Museum of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Credits: Costume Museum of Canada

Silk robe a la polonaise with a quilted under skirt, ca 1769. British.

Robe National Trust Inventory Number 602786 Date 1769 Materials Silk Collection Springhill, County Londonderry (Accredited Museum)

Robe à la française dressed à la polonaise, ca 1760-80 England, the Mint Museum by jaclyn

Robe a la francaise dressed a la Polonaise. ca - style reportedly response to 1772 division of Poland into 3 kingdoms.

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Robe a la francaise (Circa France. Made of rich fabrics and loaded with frilly decoration, the robe à la française was worn by only the most wealthy women.