Rafael Mayani. I love the grass and flowers created with negative space.

For his Disney Challenge project, Rafael Mayani watched every animated film ever produced by Disney, and then created an illustration based on each feature.

The Moon  illustrated by Lionel Kalish.

Il·lustracions a la llum de la lluna / Ilustraciones a la luz de la luna / Illustrations in the light of the moon

Alena Tkach  Pinkerton: Little Big Adventure on Behance

This new art series, created by Alena Tkach for NeonMob, is the story of a curious kitty named Pinkerton. Told through two beautifully illustrated images, our tiny hero makes new friends getting lost in the forest, and ultimately finding his way home.

Jon Klassen - I want my hat back

So excited about this discovery! Jon Klassen - Print - I Want My Hat Back - Page 17 (Deer) - Nucleus

Paisatges il·lutrats per Jane Newland / Paisajes ilustrados por Jane Newland / Landscapes illustrated by Jane Newland