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Humpty dumpty vs Elliot nightray

Humpty dumpty vs Elliot nightray

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"Gilbert used to be my servant. But now he is nothing but a fool and a traitor." Oswald and Gilbert Baskerville Pandora Hearts + Lilo and Stitch

Pandora Hearts

"Pandora Hearts AU: Oz is born a Child of Misfortune, and his ‘cursed eyes’ hurt those who are most precious for him…" <- I must watch Pandora Hearts now

Oh shit tears are coming ;.; ,Elliot nightray

Oh shot fella are coming Elliot nightray

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Pandora Hearts- Lacie and Jack "Something inside me has dropped away, and nothing came in to fill the cavern.

I love Gilbert and I love how the Japanese say his name i could never get tired…

retrace: Gilbert (prize) by ~Wavewhisper on deviantART

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Pandora Hearts, Gilbert Nightray a.k.a. "Raven", Oz Vessalius, and Alice Baskerville.

Pandora Hearts, Gilbert Nightray a. "Raven", Oz Vessalius, and Alice Baskerville. My favorite manga of all time (although the anime was terrible)

Will of the Abyss

Will of the Abyss

Pandora Hearts

Browse Pandora Hearts collected by Sango Gandola and make your own Anime album.