Суккуленты в саду. "Каменная" роза.

Jardín Vertical Suculentas Crassula schmidtii has been in bloom for weeks, and the Echeveria ‘Atlantis’ continues to wa.


Succulent garden in a vintage chair planter. Found at Chicweed in Solana Beach CA.use small lake chairs for lake garden

DIY Flower Clay Pot Succulent Sphere Instruction- DIY Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas Projects - Garden Tips and Tricks

Living Succulent Picture

Living Succulent Picture **Most tropic or succulents are not pet or child friendly plants, please check the plants safety for its environment .

Vida Suculenta: Saiba como fazer seu próprio substrato para Suculentas e Cactos

Make Your Own Succulent Potting Soil - recipe to use for succulent soil mix is 3 parts potting soil, 2 parts sand and 1 part perlite. If I’m potting up a cactus, I use a little more sand and perlite in succulent potting soil for extra drainage.

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