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Concept Art of Alice: Madness Returns. Edit by Mixail Pimenov & Aleksandra Brusova

Rutledge Asylum - Insane by *SpicyHorseOfficial on deviantART. Based on the article by Carla Yanni, “Establishing the Type. Describing the architecture of insane asylums. I like the red as a metaphor for all of the untold horrors that were not told. I like to think of this as the far side of the building where the rooms became smaller, dirtier, and worse.

How the Rutledge Asylum might've looked to Alice in her hysterical state. Unreleased concept art from "Alice: Madness Returns" Rutledge Asylum - Insane

Leave Me Alone- Version 1 by IamRinoaHeartilly

Alice Liddell, tortured by the memories of her time spent in the Asylum and the cruelty of Dr. Models used ************** Alice Lon. Leave Me Alone- Version 1


Cheshire (dress)

The Cheshire dress is one of Alice Liddell's outfits available as DLC. It is the only dress that.