9. Harry Potter Is A Teletubby

12 Ridiculous Harry Potter Theories

Everyone i know thinks that the Teletubbies are creepy or Illuminati but they aren't! They are Potterheads in disguise! They were my childhood favorites

beyond goes all voldemort on your ass

Funny pictures about All the death eaters. Oh, and cool pics about All the death eaters. Also, All the death eaters.

Minerva McGonagall and Dumbledore

Minerva McGonagall and Dumbledore

I liked this and wanted to share this with you all - Imgur

I liked this and wanted to share this with you all


It's a raven in the movies. But eagles are a symbol for a broader vision and strength of mind and heart. Eagles represent a higher mind, hence, wisdom.but this is still funny ;

hahahaha Hermione correcting magic. Like a boss.

Good job Hermione, you stopped Voldemort from taking out your eye.

These are the three main things that Draco says throughout the books and also the movies.

Things Draco Malfoy says - Funny chart presents the things that Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter movies says. sooo true yet funny.

eMojik - Milittától Messengeren    2017/09/21

eMojik - Milittától Messengeren 2017/09/21

So I... tried digital art????

tried digital art?