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Inspired by the 17 inch touchscreen of Tesla's awesome Model S we designed an interface concept for a new generation of car infotainment systems. Based on Teslas current interface we designed a concept using responsive widgets that can be rearranged on a …

Elon Musk said the next major software update to the Model S is set to include a raft of new driver's aids, but he also mentioned a "complete UI overhaul." With any luck, it should look a lot like this.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Gigafactory: Das ist die größte Batteriefabrik der Welt

IPAD MINI HAS ALREADY BEEN INSTALLED IN A CAR DASHBOARD [VIDEO]  Posted on Nov 4, 2012     In line with the Steve Jobs vision, many of us hold our smartphones and tablets in the same regard as our cars, and as some of us have specially adapted our automobiles for compatibility with our iPhones, some companies have already been installing the iPad mini into the dashboards of cars ...

iPad mini already installed in a car dashboard, could be the perfect in-car entertainment device

Volvo Concept Coupe | Interior  | Steering Wheel Design Sketch

A gallery of exterior and interior design sketches of the new Volvo Concept Coupe, the design study that will debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Audi's Prologue marks the first step in a new design evolution

自動運転の時代に求められるラグジュアリーを提案する「GEA」|Italdesign Giugiaro ギャラリー

自動運転の時代に求められるラグジュアリーを提案する「GEA」|Italdesign Giugiaro ギャラリー

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