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Hetalia ~ Spain and S. Italy (Romano)

29 Admirable Traits You Inherit When You're A Dunphy

Modern Family - Phil under pressure! He's so cute! Lol so funny! Totally a good decision!

Oh you know Gil will hold that over Roddy for the rest of his life

<<< that's why he loves music so much, it makes him feel closer to Prussia. After he dissolved, it took Austria a while to touch his piano again and when he did the first thing he played what the Prussian national anthem.

This is too good ~ Hetalia

Well played Mr Cooper, well played.

I made tea. - The Big Bang Theory quotes with Sheldon and Leonard: I made tea. I don't want tea. I didn't make you tea. It's a conversation starter.

Modern family funny quote.... awe!

I need her in my life. Community Post: 17 Reasons Lily From "Modern Family" Is A Role Model To All Women

You are a classy bitch.

Karen & Jack- you brought liquor into the movie theatre . That is so classy

Whose Line...I miss that show so excited for it to come back in JULY!!! Hope its good with the new host

Whose line is it anyway. Things you can say to your dog but not your girlfriend--I love these guys.

this happens all the time... I saw a project hanging up about WW2 and I was like wait, I know this from somewhere... And then I realized. There's no escaping this fandom

this happens all the time. I saw a project hanging up about and I was like wait, I know this from somewhere. There's no escaping this fandom <<< I keep on learning about and damn boy Hetalia sticks the arrow in my head