yasunari ikenaga, delicadeza japonesa

Contemporary Artist: Ikenaga Yasunari (b. ) -Ikenaga Yasunari (right) with collector and recent painting Born in artist Ikenaga Yasunari’s serene and soothing portraits of modern women.

Ikenaga Yasunari (b1965 Japan)

This pin is a good example of realistic art because it is very close to a real photo. dummy-kanji: “By Ikenaga Yasunari ”

Ikenaga Yasunari  池永康晟

Ikenaga Yasunari (Japanese, b. Glamour Girl (Mineral paint, Menso brush on linen) - Ikenaga creates his paintings utilizing Japanese paint and Menso brush on linen canvas with various mixed media that includes mineral pigments, gelatin.