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Shakyamuni Buddha and Buddhist Paradise or Hell Japan. Temples in Japan jigoku-e paintings of hell

The East Hell Chamber of Tongue Ripping In the first layer, those who stir up troubles by gossiping will find their tongues being ripped out.

Diyu, the Traditional Chinese Hell, is an underground maze with various levels, where souls are taken after death to suffer punishment inflicted by demons.

Hell of pugging.

Introduces the 'Hell' concept in Chinese culture and illustrate some parts of the traditional Chinese painting roll 'Picture Reference on Causality - Paintings of hell'



esto es lo más claro que he visto      sobre la expresión °rugir de hambre°     ')  de hugo von trimberg  s.xv

Hellmouth: The Runner/Courier, Heidelberg / Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, Cod. detail of fol. Hugo von Trimberg, Der Renner (The Runner/Courier).