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YYO677H 1970 Morris Minor 1000 Saloon Police | by Pete Edgeler

YYO677H 1970 Morris Minor 1000 Saloon Police | by Pete Edgeler

Morris Minor Convertible  I owned one...before it was stolen in Chelsea!  We have one!  It needs major restoration!

Morris Minor Convertible My Next Door Neighbor owned one We met over his cars, and have been married 34 years. I love a Morris and a Morris lover

1960 Morris Minor Pickup - Pickup truck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

my truck! I want this truck---it would be my gardening truck. Lime green or cherry apple red.

1955 Morris Minor Traveller II | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

1955 Morris Minor Traveller Wagon, A fine example of a very popular small wagon.

Woody Truck with old luggage! Oh my stars.... I love!!!!


The Morris Minor we had when I was little had moss growing in the windowframes.I love these cars Yep. I love 'Moggies' too. Looks like my own Morris Minor Traveller that I restored many years ago . and was too scared to get it dirty or dented!

Morris Minor...OMG!!!  We had one JUST like this one when we lived in Chalfont St. Peter!!!!!

Morris Minor, I've always loved these cars. I so wish they cold be remade with mod air and engines etc!

The small life (I may turn this into a series) – a bright red day in the country : modenus --- pp: vintage car and trailer cherry red

I am in love - a red caravan and a cute little car! looks like the one that sylvannian families drive so cute , I want one a wooden frame morris minor and tiny caravan and I could travel the world in glee, kitsch vintage retro glamping style