Princesses and their hobbies

Princesses and their hobbies. I love reading like Belle, painting like Rapunzel, Cooking like Tiana and Snow White, and COLLECTING

Sigh WELL! Thats ok! I have my own knight in shining armor lt;3 And yes, he is fictional Well, theres Day and Percy and Four and Harry, which are also all taken. Just my luck Life of a nerd girl. Disney Motovation. | handsome guys picture handsome quotes

:( Aladdin Beauty and the beast Chang youre mine ;) Charming Cinderella Cute Dang Disney Disney prince tale men Eric Fairy tale Funny Hello prince charming Hercules Mulan No way Prince Princes Princess and the frog Princesses Sleeping beauty Taken Tarzan


Disney Dreamcast: Amanda Seyfried as Rapunzel My Disney princess look-alike and celebrity look-alike together?

How Disney protagonists proved all of them wrong

Disney I love outcasts like Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Aladdin and Hercules.

Admit it: you've at least crushed on one... where's Tarzan?? I still have the biggest crush on him

Prince Phillip all the way. With Eugene (Flynn Rider) a close second. :) Gotta love those Disney men.

"Can you twirl for us?" - Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Tiana, Belle, Merida, & Megra.

My dreams, in order: Write a novel. Have children. Spend at least SOME time as a Disney face character. I didn't write that caption, but it's pretty much me!

School is in session.

that would be so awesome, but could he have gym with the guy from Mulan instead? <--That GUY from mulan? THAT'S SHANG!

Oh my gosh I could cry at how beautiful this is...


Frozen Feet Can they please make this a real sequel! While reading this, I pictured Anna on her wedding day with Kristoff. So adorable

Disney prom: cute and I love how they included Mulan and Pocahontas

Designer princesses with their princes. Dont ever want that to happen to Disney movies for new princesses.