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My god, these children may easily be the best part of this fandom.

horrortale toriel - Google Search

horrortale toriel - Google Search

Mtt-design Undersail

Mtt-design by au Undersail!


So there's that bit in New Home that goes "Injured by its fall, the human called out for help" and after doing the murder run, I couldn't help but pictu. [UNDERTALE SPOILERS] A call for something anyway

If I'd ever start a comic (that'll be never ofc) I'd use the canon for serious stuff and fanon to cute stuff

Raised eyebrow and smirk —- This is because game sprites are often abstractified versions of a character meant to evoke the idea of what they look like with as few pixels as possible. Take Sans for.

If Sans keeps doing things like these, Frisk will never feel what it is like to lose. Ever.

undertale, sans, papyrus, frisk, undyne Sans why are you such a good person

undertale art - Google Search

I'm Undyne and the former leader of the Royal Gaurd. If you hurt Papyrus or Alphys or anyone one I care about" I draw a finger across my neck "other than that I love anime! And cooking"

Are you sure you want a true rest? <3 yes      no dynamic stretching tank tops

At least it's not "hey hungry, I'm mom" (P. this game absorbed me like 2 days ago and i'm in hell) [UNDERTALE] Mom Jokes

Chara's an evil little fuck, but their comics crack me up.

Chara's an evil little fuck, but their comics crack me up. << She may be evil but I love her anyways because although they're insane I guess I am too