Flowers for All by Misskitkatmadness

Remember those flowers I did in this sketch dump? I refined them and fixed them up and here they are all together!


This is the song I keep replaying again and again lately

mystery skulls ghost by on @deviantART

This is really sloppy and I'm not really used to digital art yet but I loved the animated video and the characters and everything I'm defian.

Ghost Lewis

“And I’m feeling like a ghost And it’s what I hate the most ” Mystery Skulls Animated - Ghost

Break Art: This Time I Might Just Disappear by Shrineheart

Try and hear me then I’m done Cause I might just say this once Seen this played out in my dream It doesn’t matter In which I choose to be ho. Break Art: This Time I Might Just Disappear

GHOST by Zombiedoggy on DeviantArt

I guess I'll try to get restarted here with some recent MSA fanart GHOST