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Antique display of common eye diseases, lovingly crafted in blown glass (Musée d'Histoire de la Médecine, Université René Descartes) From series James G. Mundie's

Antique display of common eye diseases, seen at the Museum of the History of Medicine, Université René Descartes in Paris, France

Glass eyes

Lucas Jackson/Reuters:Prosthetic eyeballs are seen in a carrying case during a measuring session for the creation of a Madame Tussauds wax figure of US television journalist Anderson Cooper in New York.

This is how your skull looks before you lose all those baby teeth. Awesome.

Freaky: skull photographs to scare your players

A child’s skull before losing baby teeth - WTF fun facts>>>>> that is so disgusting. that's what my skull looks like with baby teeth. ew>>that's not a child that's a demon

Lyubov Popova an avante garde Russian painter & designer, involved in Constructivism, Supremisim, and Cubo-Futurism. Here is a design from her period of involvement with Constructivism

My toothless son thinks this is the coolest thing every.  What is under the skin is amazing

Child's skull with baby teeth and adult teeth, Hunterian Museum, London. Until I saw this, I never thought of what was going on in a skull of a child about to get their adult teeth.

Ten assorted artificial eyes, London, England, 1870-1920 -- These make me think of industrial accidents in unsafe factories and of the blasts of WWI.  That makes me sad.  Then I think how grateful the person must have been to receive the restored image that these beautifully-crafted eyes must have offered.  People helping people makes me happy.

Ten assorted artificial eyes, London, England, 1870 my dad lost his eye in an accident and had one of these.fascinating to 2 generations of little kids!

This would be nice in a living room or something!

Beautiful black filing drawers, with brass handles and bell jars. My dream storage!