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Sherlock shouldn't be absent from John Watson for long; The consequences are clearly unpleasant...

I love in-character posts. This and the one of Loki in the Thor trailer that has "Really? I was out of hair gel that day". Khan, Sherlock, Mycroft, and John

Superwhovengerlocklin - The Long Expected Party by *blackbirdrose on deviantART

Superwholockinger - The Long Expected Party by *blackbirdrose on deviantART - This is AMAZING!

Merlin!John and Arthur!Sherlock by johanirae.deviantart.com on @deviantART

BBC Sherlock I Let’s Draw Sherlock’s Famous Duos Challenge I drew Arthur!Sherlock and Merlin!John from BBC Merlin.John and Arthur!


My best friend is strictly SuperLock but she needs to watch all of Doctor Who, not just five minutes! - My friend Jessica sent me this. I am the one that doesn't watch Doctor Who.