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Wallpaper and background photos of Happy Halloween! for fans of Hetalia: ~FrUk~ images.

fruk! the art is so lovely~!

the art is so lovely~! True, I'm a usuk shipper, but the art and fanfics that exists for fruk is beautiful. :) I can't help but appreciate it and see the cuteness

When kids in some country’s have to name all the states it’s easy, but when kids in America have to it it’s hell

Missouri though.>>The United States Hetalia Style. It's nice to know that all of us here in Arizona are Native Americans.

France X England (FrUk Yaoi~!!)

Hetalia - Arthur Kirkland [England] x Francis Bonnefoy [France] - FrUK

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Embroidery is wonderful stress relief. England/Arthur Kirkland from Hetalia

((Official art of Greece and Turkey without his mask))

((Official art of Greece and Turkey without his mask))

I spent an entire morning sitting in my bed thinking about this and i felt so sad and bad and then i imagined what if someone made everyone come and it just made ivans day

If anyone says that Hetalia cannot make you cry, I'll punch them in the face. Really, this is so sad<< MY POOR BABY, I'LL COME

Awesome headcanon! Hey, if Switzerland himself taught her how to shoot, you know she's great at it now.

o <--- She's lived with an overprotective older brother with a gun fetish for centuries, of course he'd have trained her to the best of her abilities