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Bolt Action Mechanics!

Bolt Action Mechanics!

Methamphetamine worth an estimated $77,000 on the street, a pen gun and about $46,000 in cash has been seized from a Northcote Pt home.

P bust in posh Shore residence

Homemade Pen Gun located by police

DIY Shotgun Pistols

12 gauge machine pistol OMG I don't want to pull the trigger.this thing looks like a 40 k bolter

Cane Guns, Walking Stick Guns, Umbrella Guns

Cane Gun

Cane Guns, Walking Stick Guns, Umbrella Guns haha what a way to freak people out

The most successful underwater ‘pistol’ seems to be accepted as the Russian SPP-1 and later SPP-1M designed by Vladimir Siminov, - made by TOZ (Tula Arms Plant). This gun fires 4.5 inch darts loaded from four round clips. It’s a break action smooth-bore and is claimed to have a maximum effective underwater range of 17m (approx17 yards). - Compare this to a 9mm NATO cartridge that when fired underwater is only considered to be lethal under one metre.

underwater pistol (Russia) Type: Double Action Only Caliber: Weight: 950 g empty Length: 244 mm Barrel length: 203 mm Capacity: 4 rounds in separate barrels

Russian Zip Guns |

Russian Zip Guns

From the same magazine article, we are shown many interesting 'zip gun' variations, including a very mean looking knuckle duster -pen gun.

Картины с изображением болгарского брелка с изображением пушки 005

Bulgarian Made Keychain Gun - Yes This Is A Real Thing.

You can't just go out and buy this Bulgarian Made Keychain Gun at your local gun store but it's still a pretty awesome little gun.