Elusive graffiti artist Banksy hits NYC

Elusive graffiti artist Banksy hits NYC

Graffiti by the secretive British artist Banksy is turning up on the streets of New York City

Banksy NYC Street Art

Banksy the graffiti artist unmasked as a former public schoolboy

Banksy - Flower power: A double yellow line turns into a huge yellow flower - with artist 'self-portrait' - in London

Street Art & Graffiti (17 Pics)

again not my own photo, the juxtaposition interests me: pregnancy is so natural, the word 'loading' is so technical

streetart design vol11 (50)

I love life! I love his face, like "i love life, so take that losers!" by STMTS in Athens, Greece

Zoo Tiere auf Hauswand

ROA Stacks African Animals on a Building Facade in Johannesburg, South Africa. - photo via Art & Design on fb