Las Vegas, Nevada

New York City and Las Vegas - Neon Typography Artworks. The creative guys of ILOVEDUST share their love to two amazing cities with these stunning neon typo

The iconic "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign against a clear blue sky.

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Be-Bops | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Hey- Be-Bop! I found your sign Be-Bop's diner in Mendocino, California. Taken by Thomas Hawk

Gods Own Junkyard (Hviezda, Vstupna hala, vedla kupelne)

Brings in colour and a nightclub feel to the work space instead of a working environment.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign Feb 22, 1960

RIP Betty Willis, designer of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign died Sunday, 19 April at the age of An iconic piece of mid-century Americana.Roger Wilkerson, The Suburban Legend!

Las Vegas est loin d’être ma ville favorite parmi celles que j’ai déjà pu voir aux Etats-Unis… Mais Vegas reste Vegas et histoire de ne pas trop me compliquer la vie pour le récit de ces vacances je me suis dit que j’allais la jouer « ordre chronologique » (hin hin hin ) et essayer de vous faire un (modeste) city guide pour chaque destination ! Initialement nous n’avions pas prévu d’aller … Lire la suite →

CITY GUIDE // 3 jours à Las Vegas

Luna’s 50’s inspired ukes were influenced by Atomic design, (roughly 1940-1960), when concerns about nuclear war dominated Western society during the Cold War. Architecture, industrial …

Atomic Design – Luna’s 50’s Inspired Ukes