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Canada (Hetalia) <--- If you don't love Canada, we can't be friends.  <-- Agreed.

This is just so fitting and adorably awkward. Hetalia characters are difficult, 'cause they have bucket loads of history as well as anime features, but this manages to capture all aspects. (Canada from Hetalia)

XD. Normally I won't pin UsUk comics unless they are funny or cute. This one , thanks to Canada, is hilarious.

Oh god, Canada. Canada, no. I don't ship USUK (sorry I ship FrUK) but this was too hilarious not to pin


- I don't ship it but that was HILARIOUS and ADORABLE And Russia, baby, you're not fat, you have a nice body and you're absolutely precious and sweet.

Canada cosplay<<< CANADA IS STILL CUTER THO!!!! No cosplay will compare to his adorableness.

""""Wicked accurate real life Hetalia faces (gallery) These are so good" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH """ Can we just talk about this for a minute-

APH: How to celebrate July 4th by ryounkura.deviantart.com on @deviantART - LOL! Oh, Alfred....

"How to Celebrate Independence the Right Way." ~ I love this in so many ways.especially his new lyrics to the "Like a Boss" song and the American Pie part.but then again, I really do love all of the examples, so it's hard to choose a true favorite!

canada, england and america by shisukoisa on DeviantArt

And we got pics of exorcistors Canada cosplay! canada, england and america

"Reasons why I love being a Tamaki Suoh cosplayer: I get to see the look on a beautiful princess’s face immortalized in photograph when I offer my heart to her only to feel the pain of rejection —WAIT WHAT? THIS ISN’T HOW IT’S SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN! ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚" -tumbr user: tamaswiss

Oh cute, crossover cosplay of Princess Zelda and Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club).