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It DOES looks... weird....

Yes, imagine Aomine saying all that and making the appropriate facial expressions :D

ahahahahahaha akashi x kuroko=murasakibara.....aomine x kise=sin-chan hahahaha XD

ahahahahahaha akashi x kuroko=murasakibara.aomine x kise=sin-chan hahahaha XD<<<<I love this so much you have no idea

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Kuroko no Basket - Aomine x Kuroko - Kuroko x Aomine - AoKuro - KuroAo - 青黒 - Aomine Daiki - Kuroko Tetsuya

generation of miracles -haizaki, midorima, aomine, akashi, murasakibara, kuroko, kagami, kise

Generation of Miracles - Haizaki stomped Kise's injured foot;Generation of Miracles (exclude Kise)

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“No one, no one messes with Kouki.” Akashi would say. Inspired by the latest untold story picture from episode Contains KagaKise, MuraMido, AoKuro, and AkaFuri

Why are u so lame, Aomine? D:  [AkaKi? / AoKise / Poor Kise / Teikou Middle School / Yaoi / GOM]

Sorry for all the mini dramas, guys, it's just. ^w^ Mostly Akashi-- how he pulled off that Izaya smirk was just plain awesome. (I fangasmed) No wonder they share the same seiyuu.

All I want for Christmas is you, Akashi-kun!

Oh my gosh, Fighting over eachother for Tetsuya over here. Joins the argument: "He wants me!