Top 10 Savory Sushi Recipes

Top 10 Savory Sushi Recipes

Avocado and Shrimp Sushi -Using mashed avocado makes this California-style sushi easy to roll. Use precooked shrimp for an easy shortcut. Serve sushi with the typical accompaniments of wasabi, low-sodium soy sauce, and pickled ginger.

Top 10 Savory Sushi Recipes

Top 10 Savory Sushi Recipes

The Holy Kale Raw Parsnip Sushi Rolls -- Miso, coconut oil and shoyu infused parsnip rice rolled up in raw nori with lots of veggie fixings!

easy sushi recipe with rice and salmon

easy sushi recipe with rice and salmon. just realized that i am going to be a sushi-craving kinda prego someday lol

In order to make a fine japanese sushi roll (or nigiri) you don't need to go through five years of fish cutting studies in Japan, neither you need anyone telling you that your first time ever sushi looks more like a sea cucumber in rush hour out of the water. What you do need is some goodwill and a good guide to help you through those rough times.

Let's make sushi at home!

Make My Sushi -- sushi making explained! On this site, you can go to Sushi university. They explain it all to you like you're 4 years old. Just what I need to make sushi rolls.

A Vegetable Sushi Roll With 2 Secret Ingredients - gamashio and umeboshi paste

Vegetable Sushi Roll

Create your own sushi station à la Wolfgang with this vegetable sushi roll that uses two secret ingredients that pack plenty of flavor.

panko shrimp roll, spicy ahi roll, and spicy mayo sauce recipe: make your own sushi!

Hello Hue: from our recipe box: {make your own sushi rolls!} At first glance this looks very intimidating, but once it is broken down in to step by step instructions it seem very doable! Ugh I'm craving sushi!

Sushi "Cake" Recipes: Layer Cakes, Bundts and Napoleons | Huffington Post

Delicious Or Delirious: Sushi Cakes

No Face Plate: Sushi Napolean, for kicks.Looks like a sushi birthday cake!

Sushi Cake♡

Sushi Cake There are sushi boats, sushi pizza, and now, a sushi wedding cake! Build your alternative cake with rolls from your favourite sushi shop or re-interpret the idea using candy sushi !