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This a photo series shot by artist Markus Reugels. Using a high-speed camera, he photographs droplets of water that show a refraction of the backdrop.

Miniature Liquid Planets

German Markus Reugels captures worlds in water droplets by hanging high-res images of planets in the background and then letting a drop of water fall, all the while triggering a high-speed.

안젤라 켈리

Earlier this month, photographer Angela Kelly and her son decided to venture outdoors amidst freezing temperatures to blow some bubbles. After finding a soap bubble recipe online .


I am just so fascinated by the reflection in this water droplet, it looks like the glitter is stuck to the water, but NO, it is reflections from the glitter on the feather. See also: Glittery Ball .

Droplet dreams by pqphotography.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Happy birthday too Droplet dreams

beautiful water drop - Google Search

Paul Quinn is a photographer from the UK specializing in liquid photography. Visit his portfolio for more beautiful captures of colorful water droplets. via Pokkisam


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