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Hoppity Horse...OMG!!! I totally had one of these for YEARS, til my little sisters popped it. e_e @Karina Paje Cabrera @Nancy Cabrera

Hippity Hop ~ horse Mine was red!

Merlin; The Electronic Wizard. This old, old school!

Merlin; The Electronic Wizard. This old, old school!

Go Retro!

Shampoo ad for "Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific" . popular in the ~~~ Gee, I do remember that shampoo!

70s toys - This was plastic peel off that you would make your own scene. i remember having the scooby doo one

i had this exact set and i remember making up a story using the Charlie Brown colorforms as the storyboard and my grade teacher let me read it in front of everyone.

Growing up in the 70's and 80's. and My mother had these in the 60s

I remember when I used to sleep in these brush rollers. They ended up on the floor beside my bed by morning! I slept on the huge ones. Had thick hair in those days. Didn't feel the rollers, but my head was a foot off the pillow.

Fisher Price Apple-This was Russell's and now Kasey has it.

Happy Apple Chime Toy by Fisher Price . still have this in the toy box!

loved these fisher price music toys

Fisher Price Pocket Radios - Mine played "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head"

Life Savers Story Books

Life Savers Story Books

After school specials

Afterschool Specials Remember this one from health class - Scott Baio peed…

and the film that needed to be developed These are 110s.  I have 2 bags of old undeveloped ones.   Holy crap!  I wonder if they can still be developed?

Film cartridge for a Kodak 110 camera! My first camera was a Brownie. My second was a Kodak 110 camera.

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Tiddly winks  Spent a lot of hours over and Jack and Jaunitas playing these,

I remember using these to play bingo with at school.and Tidly Winks

My little brother had one!

1971 Original Kohner Busy Box - I don't know how, but I remember having this.

Fuzzy pencil toppers!

Fuzzy Head Pencils: loved spinning them super fast to make the hair frizz out.

Remember Mrs. Beasley... I played with her until she fell apart!

loved family affair everyone wanted a mrs beasley doll!

Does this bring back memories?  Magic Sand. Totally forgot about this stuff!  https://www.facebook.com/#!/DiMartinoChiropractic

Magic Sand 1981 - I always wanted some of this.