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his smile ⚓️

September David Bowie at HMV Records store in Manhattan for the promotion of "Outside". Photo by © Allan Tannenbaum.

“David Bowie it is done. artwork by happy belated birthday, David. You are truly my inspiration ” Three years later and I still love you just as much. You’ve taught me so much either directly or.

yourschemeofthings: “David Bowie performing live, 1978 ”

yourschemeofthings: “David Bowie performing live, 1978 ”

Makes me smile

“ sending lots of love to everyone, thank you for your kindness and support

A NIGHT SPENT HANGING OUT WITH DAVID BOWIE AND IGGY POP: IVAN KRAL TELLS US WHAT IT WAS LIKE - http://dangerousminds.net/comments/a_night_spent_hanging_out_with_david_bowie_and_iggy_pop_ivan_kral_tells_us

David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Ivan Kral (A night spent hanging out with David Bowie and Iggy Pop: Ivan Kral tells us what it was like )

david bowie eyes - Google Search

bohemea: “ David Bowie’s gorgeous odd eyes are a result of a fight he had with George Underwood in George punched David in the eye during a scrappy fight over a girl. Bowie was hospitalized &.

Tony-McGee-David-Bowie-In-Front-Of-Himself-In-The-Rehearsal-Theatre-London-1991.jpg (335×421)

Tony-McGee-David-Bowie-In-Front-Of-Himself-In-The-Rehearsal-Theatre-London-1991.jpg (335×421)

The Gallery, Cork Street, London April 1995

cf3767b00ded6a8e15ce439a8ef2360d--david-darling-cool-cats.jpg (504×733)

Photo Gallery - The Philly Dogs Tour - September Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California