David Bowie and Hermione Farthingale

After the relationship ended, Bowie penned a series of songs about Hermione including Life on Mars, An Occasional Dream and Letter to Hermione


Icon: The rocker was just named 'best-dressed Briton of all time' by BBC History Magazine

Oh really...!

David Bowie: The Exquisite Mug Shot From His 1976 Drugs Bust - Flashbak

David Bowie and his ex-wife Angie with their son "Zowie" Bowie (now Duncan Jones) 70s.

1974 David, Angela & Zowie Bowie(now known as Duncan Jones director of the movie Source Code and Moon )

David Bowie (backstage photo).

David Bowie ellethekitty says: I would guess this is 1976 or so. Great sense of fashion although he hit the cocaine a little too hard Mehr