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mystic messenger, Jesus Christ this sounds like me and one of my friends XD

well, i invited him anyway for you seven!

well, i invited him anyway for you seven! (Lolololololol that pic xDDD )

Oh Seven

Seven and I should probably go pray to God and beg for forgiveness for this.

Playing his route now. Jumin as daddy? I can get... - A woman's beauty comes from within

I never think of him as daddy material. Hell, i didn't even know him to be kinky. But damnn, this possessive man can chain me up anyway he sees fit lol

i love how you can obviously tell it's from the phandom based off of the shirts.

What makes this better is the fact that it's over dan and Phil XD


When your best friend is acting lovey dovey so you make sure that guy isn't your best friend

#wattpad #random This is mostly a picture book filled with mystic messenger memes , comics and photo's so enjoy~ I also don't own anything you can most probably find this on tumblr and Google (ofcores) I just wanted to share this with  you's coz it can be hard finding cool/funny pics (well for me anyways) ♡ And b...

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