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Suki Waterhouse #dollmemories #burberry #model #fashionillustration

Suki Waterhouse #dollmemories #burberry #model #fashionillustration

Fashionary Hand

S Abe Fashion Illustration Born in under the Brixton sun, Abe has successfully progressed from early aged doodles, to firmly realized pencil works. Her drawings have graced a multitude of.

Imagem de drawing, girl, and cute

I love the eyes so much because it creates a vague expression and is very light. The artist must have had a lot of patience to get it so good :D (Drawing/ inspiration/ sketch)

The girl with willowy hair- Grace Hall  color pencil

The girl with willowy hair- Grace Hall color pencil


Character Sketch / Drawing Illustration-- love the shading technique here and that emotion she is feeling I've definitely felt that way before.

Fashion illustration

This is a really nice simple illustration that combines hard and soft very well. The contrast between the very contained, flawless model and the harsh raw garment is done really well. It adds texture to the illustration.