Bucky has a nightmare and Steve is there to help

He goes to Steve, but when Steve invites Bucky to sleep beside him, Bucky is scared that he'll somehow kill Steve. Even if such a thing does happen. I will not go down that easily.


'Steve, hurry up, I've been waiting for 5 minutes already. Don't think I'm above hot wiring this thing & leave your star-spangled butt behind.

I love this idea of Steve using his art skills again and trying to make Bucky's metal arm less cold and frightening.

This is so perfect because Chris Evans likes art and Sebastian Stan likes space and so Steve painting space on Bucky's arm is just so perfect!

Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier

zhaana: “ from the post credit scene – steve needs to scoop him up already and not let go again btw, did I mention that i really LOVE the red shirt he’s wearing :” ”

bananasandguavas: there was a point last year when i drew a lot of buckys w/ ponytails but i don’t think any of them ended up on my blog?? what a shamemostly an excuse to practice trad inking, which i’m still new to. also has some photoshop thrown in b/c inking is hard ):

bananasandguavas: there was a point last year...

克隆子 — PTSD: Bucky’s Diaries One day when Bucky came...

PTSD: Bucky’s Diaries One day when Bucky came home, He met something familiar. Part 1 克 隆 子

-Steve, Bucky and Bucky Bear by SilasSamle on DeviantArt- Lemme die from the cuteness

Time changed XD I found some photos, men's friendship are so different. So this it is, Steve and Bucky's 1930 friendship style in 21 century XDDD