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Steve Rogers has gotten used to being chased by testy brunettes. Bucky Barnes: "STEVE NO". Peggy Carter: "The plane is the other way Steve". Sam Wilson: "I will kill your star spangled ass Rogers". The Winter Soldier: *angry soviet noises*<<<Our fandom.

I'm going to go cry now!!

Well there goes my heart. boys why do you keep doing the feels trip things to me why

Steve and Bucky babies: Ribbon by on @DeviantArt

Steve and Bucky babies: Ribbon by SilasSamle on DeviantArt (does anyone notice the slight Clintasha moment?

I must to back to work... my boss will kill me... This is "when Steve and Bucky become babies"... I will draw this comic story XD First I must working...sad... I will be back after May.15  

Steve and Bucky babies: Sick by SilasSamle, I feel like they don't care if Bucky sick from sleeping with cap.