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10 Things That Are Attractive About Girls and Guys With Glasses. Yay for those of us who can't see!

Another trend that I'm super excited about this autumn is the geek-chic glasses rage. I've been wearing glasses for years but just recen.

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久恒 美菜さん|知的で女性らしいクラシックメガネ|JINS SNAP #久恒美菜 #Mina_Hisatsune

久恒 美菜さん|知的で女性らしいクラシックメガネ|JINS SNAP #久恒美菜 #Mina_Hisatsune

My story about girl geeks and how Vivek Wadhwa is fighting for them.

New Large Classic Frame Reading Glasses Nerd Geek Retro Vintage Style 100-300

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玉井 浩太                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る


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I can't even begin to describe how much I love these glasses! They're too adorable ^_^ bpr BEAMS Women's(ビーピーアールビームスウィメン)のNOEYEDIA / メガネ(メガネ)|その他1 bpr BEAMS Women's(ビーピーアールビームスウィメン)のNOEYEDIA / メガネ(メガネ)|その他1

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Office appropriate makeup can be hard, luckily these girls have got it covered. These are the best of the best YouTube tutorials.

3 Amazing Makeup Tutorials For A Perfect Office Look