TAROT XIII DEATH by Sachin Teng. contraomnes.deviantart.com

sachinteng: “ ‘Tarot Card XIII: DEATH’ My contribution to Light Grey Art Lab’s tarot card exhibition, ‘Tarot, Mystics and the Occult.

Sachin Teng

‘California King’ for The New Yorker Check out the October 5 issue of the New Yorker! Kendrick Lamar drops his new album 'Good Kid, M.’ and the New Yorker’s Sasha Frere-Jones weighs.

My version for the Death, the card 13 of the standart tarot. "Death is the motor of the constant philosophy of the particle. The only way he found to answer his thoughts, and understand his capabil.

Sachin Teng Illustration | Blank

Grim Tidings “Pacific Rim,” “Only God Forgives,” and “The Act of Killing.” By Anthony Lane

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sachinteng: “ ‘Agnus Dei‘ For Qpop Shop’s GAINAX Show My painting for the Gainax show tonight at in I’ve got a soft spot for Evangelion. A gross, creepy, mutilated soft spot. I was probably way too young to watch this when I did, but robots.

Sachin Teng Illustration | Blank

sachinteng: “‘Blade Runner’ for The New Republic For an article about Oscar Pistorius. The author was making a point that in South Africa there is a culture of fear.