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01/04/-01 by mariesel, via Flickr

Silly Sheet by Carla Sonheim. I love her Drawing Lab book, tempted to take her Art of Silliness class.

shape/symmetry/reflection -- B & W cutouts

This is a Japanese design technique called Notan. I am unsure of how long ago this technique originated as I haven& been able to fin.

Playing cards~

We have tons of cards laying around. Something good to teach students about symmetry, asymmetry, and mirror images.

My art journal. Masking and watercolor.

My art journal. Masking and watercolor.

Simple Home Stuff: Re-Purposed Cereal Boxes

Re-Purposed Cereal Boxes - there has to be a way to tie writing into this!> we use the child's 'favorite cereal' box for a cover to dictate foods they love to eat!

Book cover out of cereal boxes

Pink and Green Mama: Tinkerlab Cardboard Box Challenge: Paste Paper Cereal Box Scrapbooks