“Vivemos no mundo do irreal onde tudo o que vemos é somente uma sombra imperfeita de uma realidade mais perfeita.” Platão

Leslie Ann O’Dell, illustration I LOVE the colors in this. That blue and pink are awesome together. She is pretty too

Leslie Ann O’Dell

La obra personal de Leslie Ann O’Dell

Beautifully Dark, Haunting Photography Art by Leslie Ann O’dell

This is a fine selection of experimental photo illustrations by Leslie Ann O'Dell, a visual artist from Denver, CO.

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Update: Leslie Ann O'Dell's Haunting Portraits

leslieannodell:Preview  I’ll be showing in the group show DigitalRenaissance at Gauntlet Gallery tonight Oct 17th in San Francisco.

Leslie Ann O’Dells’ Hauntingly Surreal Portraits Flourish With Beauty Beautiful/Decayecay

Leslie Ann O'Dell

“ Leslie Ann O'Dell is a visual artist most known for photo-illustration. O’Dell’s work is comprised of haunting imagery… Ranging from dark imposing landscapes to mystifying portraitures, that evoke.

By Leslie Ann O’Dell

As mulheres fantásticas de Leslie Ann O'Dell