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Mid-Century Canada by Michael George Haddad, via Behance -- symbols, let's make up our own!

The curving cursor is the strong visual impact of the logo because it creates the alignment and spacing for the logo typeface. It also creates the illusion of a boomerang which is a unique to Australia's culture.  The soft grey "Air" allows the green lettering to appear brighter and stand out. Yet this makes the grey "Air" almost too soft to read. Also the blank space beneath the text feels lacking.

Branding Air Australia

Branding Air Australia - Art and design inspiration from around the world - CreativeRoots

Aloisio Sergio Magalhaes_3 in Logos

Thinking Aloisio Sergio Magalhães. 11 05 1927 Thinking Graphic Designer, Thinking Typographer


The Walking Dead, Faction Logos by Clark Orr *spoiler alert for those who have not read the comics Lucilles bat is awesome, but by far the Survivors one is my fav. You got Carl, Michone and Rick and Andrea all represented in there.

Logo Designs from 2013 by Oanna Turta

Logo Designs by Oanna Turta

Oanna Turta is a Bucharest, Romania based graphic designer specializing in branding and visual identities.