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History on Sukeban in Japan. Women, girl lady boss gang gangsters female

Sukeban ( スケバン ) refers to delinquent girl gangs or more correctly the boss girl in a gang. Sukeban first appeared in Japan during the as a female equivalent to the male.

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The Yakuza Don’t Like Having Their Photo Taken

For his latest series 'Born Too Late', Sydney photographer Jesse Lizotte spent time with the infamous Japanese gangsters.

sukeban and her gang

* I'm a big fan of bosozoku ["violent running tribe"] japanese youth subculture, yankees and delinquents as despicted in many j-doramas. Bosozoku: Z.

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Bōsōzoku generally consists of drop outs highschool girls joining japanese motorcycle gangs .They can be seen wearing pilot jumpsuits and kamikaze headbands , they usually decorate their motorcyles with battle flags .

Bosozoku japanese biker gangs and bosozoku style

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