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Crise dos refugiados e a nossa solidariedade seletiva

A little girl from Gaza shuts her dolls eyes with her hand because she is scared that the doll will have to see the horrors that she does. Subhanallah if this doesn't break your heart I don't know what will

This Syrian girl is closing the eyes of her doll, because she does not want her doll to see what she saw.

If you loved your dolls as as a little girl than this will tug at your heart . It has been so rewarding for me to make doll clothes for little girls.



A little Guarani girl holds on tight to her newly found plaything, .a dead rat. Makes me want to pick this baby up and hold her as tight as she does her friend.

"He who despises his neighbor sins, but blessed is he who is kind to the needy." Proverbs 14:21

How America's Losing The War On Poverty

Poor street kids, oh my gosh! What is in our world today, these poor street kids were left unattended to sleep on the street just like the stray dogs did once. God help us and the homeless.

ephesians 5 11

Tammam Jaramani - child from my country - Syria

Innocent Palestinian Tears #GoEco #volunteerabroad

Palestinian innocent girl with pure eyes full of tears, she is my little daughter, Um Essa

Together hand in hand to liberate Palestine from the Jews dogs - the whole world against Israel

Israel must stop the demolition of Palestinian homes.

children of afghanistan | Afghan children wait to receive basic medical care and clothing on ...

Afghan children wait to receive basic medical care and clothing on Camp Clark, Khowst province, Afghanistan, Dec. Photo by Andrew Smith, United States of America.

90  God bless her:))) by Jasmine Zidan

90 God bless her:))) by Jasmine Zidan

A Palestinian refugee child in Lebanon

A Palestinian girl at a refugee camp in Jordan. Photograph: Ali Jarekji/Reuters (wire, not fabric)

Only Palestine, in her eyes

Only Palestine, in her eyes