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Jackalope - Lepus townsendii & Odocoileus virginianus    Jackalopes are mythical animals of North American folklore. They are so named because they combine attributes from both jackrabbits and antelopes. Depictions of “horned hares” date as far back as 1575.    It is possible that the mythology surrounding jackalopes developed after observations of rabbits infected with the Shope papilloma virus, which causes antler-like tumors to grow on the animal's body and head.
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"Jackalope    Sometime during the 1930s (the exact date remains disputed), an animal with the body of a jackrabbit and the antlers of a deer appeared in Douglas, Wyoming." (Smithonian magazine)
空想の世界から飛び出してきたような動物達!エレン・ジューエットの作品が凄い! - Spotlight (スポットライト)