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Meteorite strike – Romania 7 january 2015 | Knowing is cool

Friday's Russian meteorite strike highlights the need for a global strategy to deal with dangerous asteroids

2,555 Likes, 11 Comments - Phaidon (@phaidonsnaps) on Instagram: “This stunning image represents the theoretical structure of a sunspot, a phenomenon that has…”

WYOMING — Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) plan to use the total eclipse on Aug. 21 to comprehensively measure, for the.

Chelyabinsk meteorite 'shrinks by 20kg' as skyfall anniversary approaches - http://notjustthenews.com/2014/02/13/whats-current/in-the-world/chelyabinsk-meteorite-shrinks-by-20kg-as-skyfall-anniversary-approaches/

Satellite Sees Meteor Exploding Like 30 Atom Bombs, Videos 1200 Injured, Largest Meteor In 100 Years, Billions Of Rubles In Damages

Arrested Development Phoenix mural. The mural was custom-painted by artists Mike Lockwood, Kirk Shinmoto, and Arthur Loftis

The story of Arrested Development's 3 seasons as told in one amazing mural in the background of season episode 1

Today’s eclipse as seen from Djibouti, Africa

November 2013 - Eclipse as seen from Djibouti, Africa.

Another Tunguska Event? Sky Explosions Rock Urals Region, May Be Connected To Asteroid Approach, Sparks Panic In Three Major Cities, Video and Photos

Meteorite hits Russian Urals: Fireball explosion wreaks havoc, up to injured (PHOTOS, VIDEO)


Jupiter and the Moon were having a holiday conjunction

Census Dotmap

Cool census dot-map of the US, Canada and Mexico created by Brandon Martin-Anderson. One dot for each person counted in the last census --

Lion's Gate ~ Diamond Light Grid ~ Current energies update

Lion’s Gate ~ Diamond Light Grid ~ Current energies update ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

Strange Cloud Alabama | Rocket Stream

NASA launched a barrage of small rockets early Tuesday (March with five rockets blasting off within five minutes to create glowing clouds at the edge of space that wowed skywatchers all along the U.

Photo: Bottlenose dolphins jumping in and out of beach surf

This pod of bottlenose dolphins was leisurely surfing in the waves, creating an atmosphere that was most unique and magical, at Waterfall Bluff in the Transkei, South Africa.

racetrack playa and sailing stones photo

Nature Blows My Mind! The Mysterious Sailing Stones