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Creatures and Monsters designed and sculpted by Dominic Qwek. Buy and own art prints, sculptures and resin kits. Learn how to sculpt creatures and monsters.

Cloister's DeviantArt Gallery

Another creatures from 2013 and the creature subscription I ran then. This one likes eating. I now have a new PATREON page up through which yo.

giant beetle - gyromancer by kunkka.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I wanted to do something with a high creep factor, reminiscent of a shark or some such creature.

kekai kotaki

A Thorn Wolf. A common companion of Nightmare Fey, packs of Thorn Wolves have recently been seen roaming the Riddlewood, a shadowy forest in the Heartlands.

ArtStation - Behemoth 05, Stephen Oakley

Narrowing down the design. Evolve is © Games You can get behemoth and play as him on Tuesday Behemoth 05