Before the theatre: Prunier's Snack Bar by "Eric" (Carl Erickson, 1891-1958), Vogue Magazine, late 1930's, (from Food in Vogue, Six Decades of Cooking and Entertaining, edited by Barbara Tims, Harrap London, 1976)  Posted by Luke Honey via The Greasy Spoon

Before the theatre: Prunier's Snack Bar, late by "Eric" (Carl Erickson, Vogue Magazine

Hattie Carnegie (Couture), 1944, Illustrated By Eric (Carl Erickson)

Hattie Carnegie 1944 Eric illustrated by Eric (Carl Erickson) — Dressmakers — vintage French original advert

Carl "Eric" Erickson

Carl Erickson’s fashion illustrations Note: * use of warm colours * saturation of RED against all * non-fashion related elements DESERT-like - i. Flamingo, plants and "arabic" curtain