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TWA B707-331B

immediately after arrival at HKG Kai Tak,passengers deplaning,fuel and catering trucks

Horrific Crash on a bridge!

Steve McGhee digital art Digital image by Steve McGhee. Now I’m trying to recall if there have been any real plane crashes involving a bridge…

Yankee Clipper landing at LaGuardia Airport's  Marine Air Terminal circa 1940. Photo by Hans Groenhoff, Smithsonian Institution.

A Pan Am flying boat at the New York City's Marine Air Terminal, LaGuardia Airport circa the


Photos around the internet summarising some of the crazy plane crashes and incidents involving aircraft. Some might make Air Crash Investigations

picture of the concorde cockpit

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The Boeing Flying Fortress. The young men were given 300 hours of intensive training before being deployed to action. The initial rejection rate of applicants was Less than perfect eyesight was a major cause of rejection.

Miracle on the Hudson 	     U.S. Airways pilot C.B. "Sully" Sullenberger became a household name overnight after he successfully landed a plane in the Hudson River. His story of heroism spawned a series of TV appearances and a book about Flight 1549.

Top Ten Most Inspiring Stories Of The 2000s

Us Airways Flight 1549 Makes A Miraculous Splashdown In The Icy Waters Of The Hudson river Jan 15 2009 All 155 People Onboard Survived.


The organised formation of the bomber planes high above ground are a completely different picture to the fire and confusion going on where the bombs hit and this is a very good example of order and disorder in war.

Air China Boeing 737-79L @ PEK

The new special livery for celebrating Air China's Neimenggu Branch.

Mid-Continent is served by 5 major airlines -Delta Airlines #fly #travel #ICT

Flying The Friendly Skies: Delta’s Effort To Accommodate Travelers with Disabilities

futuristic-- blimp/ hotel in the air

the sustainable future of flight – futuristic air cruiseship – imagined by Dassault Systèmes. – worlds longest aircraft combines parts from airships, planes and helicopters.